Our Philosophy

Raphael Architects engages poetic design process that transforms pragmatic concerns into poetic buildings.

As designers, we will:

Collaborate with our clientele;

Organize and refine the financial, programmatic, aesthetic and scheduling aspirations of our clients;

Draw inspiration from the natural and man-made settings; Reinforce the rhythms of structure;

Create a sense of place unique to the client’s culture;

Sustain professional responsibilities to seek the ideals of truth and beauty.

As leaders, we must:

Leverage our past experiences to create new solutions;

Maintain the delicate balance between life cycle cost, optimal quality and each client’s financial expectations;

Implement environmentally responsible building systems and components;

Synergize professional disciplines throughout the design process;

Prepare clear design and construction documents that illustrate the vision and minimize surprises throughout construction;

Create efficient, inspirational spaces and buildings.