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2021 AIA Award of Excellence

On Thursday, December 2, 2021 The AIA Bucks County Chapter held their annual awards celebration at the Ram in Perkasie, PA. Raphael Architects’ Creekside Confluence received the AIA Bucks County 2021 Award of Excellence. When announcing the award, Joel Levinson, Philadelphia Architect and Author who served as juror, described the project as “a sophisticated, well thought-out addition to a lovely, late-18th century stone farmhouse.

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The Craft of Architecture

When Ictinus designed the Parthenon in 447 BC, as chief builder or “architekton” in Greek, he sculpted full-size prototypes for the building components that would then be copied by masons to fabricate and assemble of the building. During the Renaissance, architects made great strides in developing accurate scale drawings of plans, elevations, perspectives, and scale wooden models.

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